Best Ways To Attract Leads On Social Media

Generating leads through the social media can be the best option for most of the brands in the present day. There are many brands that are still not aware a proper method to increase their leads on the social media network. Here are few special ways to generate more leads in the right way and also track them effectively. But make sure you have good ROI from the social media channel before assessing the lead generation. Try to concentrate on the social metrics to support your revenue. Social media can be used in a different way to attract leads and not just keeping it for improving your brand awareness.

1. Using filled-out form- Start a social lead generation plan which must feature all the ways to promote your content on the social media channel. One way to do this is creating a tweet that looks really attractive for the audience and it must be able to reach most of the people on the social media. Don’t just create the tweet, but you must also make sure that the users are able to fill the form which can offer direct lead generation. Once the leads are clicked, a short form will pop out.

2. Social ads to reach audience- Use a smart strategy such as using social ads to meet your lead generation target. There are special social media advertising options that can reach beyond your basic engagement which includes lead generation cards from Twitter that has been successful in reaching the specified audience. The lead generation cards are usually seen as the promoted tweets and when someone clicks, they can see the special offer or the sign-up form. It is easy to track the leads and even download them in a spreadsheet from the Twitter ads. Twitter is able to provide a solution for the conversion tracking with few limitations such as lead generation cards will automatically select the user name and email, but the brands will be looking to get more specified leads. Twitter also offers conversion tracking that is expected to support the advertisers to know how the impressions as well as engagements of your promoted tweets work.

3. Using Google analytics- This is one of the best options to optimize your social ads. To do this create lead conversion target in Google Analytics and use the Campaigns URL Builder from Google Analytics to select the promoted links. Make sure to fill the required fields such as campaign name, campaign source and campaign medium. You can also fill out another optional field which will be campaign content that is helpful in optimizing your lead tracking. You will get the tagged URL that will be used in the ad creation to support Google Analytics in tracking the conversions. To assess your content data, select the options Ad Content in Secondary Dimension menu. This will show the ad content that directed more leads and you can also asses cost-per lead with this.

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