Keyword Rich Accounts On Twitter

If you are going to be given a chance to make a difference in your Twitter marketing experiments, would you care to do it? If I am in that place for any opportunity, I would rather take that opportunity whether I like it or not. Even if we are going to buy Twitter followers for good, I think there is always a room for us to take the opportunities that we really need once and for all. But for now, I would like to talk something that was indeed very potential enough to gain more traffic for our own websites and blogs for good. Not only we are relying on social media, but also on search engines as well.

Without further ado, I would like to discuss about the keyword rich accounts on Twitter. First and foremost, what it has to do with Twitter anyway? Do you think Twitter really cares that you have a keyword rich account? For me, I think they do not care at all, as we are free to sign up with any username that we want for good. Unless your username is quite offensive for Twitter marketers and the organization itself, they do have the right to remove it anytime they want.

Keyword rich accounts are those registered usernames with the targeted keyword that they are going to rank on Google itself. For example, if you are going for the keyword “Super Beta Prostate”, you might include this keyword in your Twitter username itself like no other.


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