The Difficulty of Squidoo Lenses For Twitter Marketers

What’s up to all of you guys and gals who buy Twitter followers? In the last blog post that I have shared to you as a Twitter marketer, it was all about the toughness of creating a Squidoo lens, and even promoting it to your own Twitter followers. For now, I will be telling you about the difficulty level of creating Squidoo lenses. In other words, this is the blog post that I am going to share with you for now. I am now going to reveal to you about the level of difficulty in creating Squidoo lenses, and promote it to your own Twitter account for good.

For me, I think this is very challenging, and not going to be quite easy as you think. In the past few years, it was quite easy for us to create Squidoo lenses in the past Google Panda and Penguin era. But for now, due to the brand new algorithm that Google has introduced to us (The Google Panda and Penguin), Squidoo has forced themselves to become stricter in terms of creating lenses for our own visitors. You know why? It is because during the Panda and Penguin has started, Squidoo was one of those who are affected.

They have no other choice but to abide by the rules of the Google Panda and Penguin, by getting even more stricter like no other. Therefore, I would simply conclude that Squidoo lenses are indeed very tough and difficult for us to create, which may give even more value to their own viewers.

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