Twitter Marketing: Does Content Curation Penalizes Our Website?

Hello everyone! Did you already miss me here? It has been a long time since I have not posted in this blog of mine. What I really mean is that my blog was already considered wonderful, and you know why? It is because I have already discussed to you the real potentials of Twitter marketing, and you should be listen to the things I am about to say in this very blog post of mine. Without further ado, I will be now talking about content curation for Twitter marketers around the world. But what makes you really think that content curation can make a real difference for all of us anyways?

Well for me, I think content curation is a well deserved method to all of the Twitter marketers that I have ever seen worldwide. It is simply because content curation is going to be the next thing that Google wants. In other words, Google loves content curation more than you ever could as of this moment. The reason that they do love content curation, is because of the credits that you gave to your own peers. If they love content curation, do we have some issues that Google may penalize our own websites once and for all?

For me, I really do not think there is no way that these curated contents may be treated as duplicate, and may cause Google to penalize you once and for all. In the next set of blog posts, I will be talking more about content curation once and for all.


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