Why Twitter Marketers Should Be Careful About Trademark Names

As what I have told you in the previous blog post that I have for the ones you did buy Twitter followers, I would definitely like to talk more about the trademark issues here. What makes you really think that we should be more concerned about the trademarked products anyways? It is because the merchants itself do not like to have competitors that uses their exact product name within the registered domains. If you still insist to do it, you are at a high risk of getting sued and ordered to remove your own website or blog from promoting that product again.

Did you get my own point or not? If you did get my own point, I would suggest that you should be more careful from now on. However,  there are certain products from other affiliate products which allows you to have their trademarked name to be included in the registered domain you have. From what I have learned, I think there is one affiliate program which allows you to do this to their own products, and I will be calling this as MarketHealth. But we are not going to discuss it right here, instead we are talking about social media accounts like Twitter having a trademarked domain without permission or authorization.

The reason that Twitter marketers should be more careful about trademarked names on their own account, is because the companies or merchants themselves may find your social profile and sue you for infringing their trademark. For me, it’s better to go generic than trademarked.

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