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Using Smartphone To Make Social Media Videos

Most of the businesses like to use videos to promote their product and creating special videos related to your brand can be difficult as well as costly. To avoid creating brand videos by spending more money you can just use your Smartphone as it features most of the tools that can help you to create most attractive social media videos. Here are few things that can help to create Smartphone videos that can social media friendly.

1. Select the social media channel- Before creating the video, make sure to select the best social media source where you want to use the video. Most of the people like to use social platforms such as vine and others to promote videos. In Vine you were able to publish videos of just six seconds automatically to play as well as loop when it is viewed by a person before entering into the Twitter feed. Vine is normally used for posting videos, but all the engagement happens only in Twitter which helps to attract the audience on this social media channel. It is easy to increase the engagement in Twitter with the help of Vine as the short length video is viewed easily by the people. But Vine will be closed by Twitter in this month and the audience can only watch the video as there will be no uploads allowed. Those who want to create a quality video by spending more time as well as money, they can try other social media sources to start their video.

2. Video type- Next select the type of video you want to create which includes normal video, stop motion and time-lapse. The normal video is used in most cases as it more useful for those who want to sell their product without any creative styles. You must personally select the type of video you want to create for promoting the product and make sure to change the style of each video that is created. Stop motion video can be the right choice for those who want to sell living products. This type of video features image collages and full-length movies to offer the product. The video style of this video type usually requires more effort to think and start the project. You must also use individual photos for adding it to the short video. Time-lapse video can be used by the brands that do lot of product placement as it must be entertaining to attract the audience. Most of the time-lapse videos will have camera on changing scene during a large period. The time-lapse video is the best choice for those brands who like to offer their service without affecting the audience viewing experience.

In case you want to create more advanced videos, try to shoot the video from your Smartphone and edit it by using special tools before uploading on the social media channels. There are other tools that can be used to adjust videos more effectively and upload it non various platforms.