Most Followed Person On Twitter

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The number of Twitter followers of Elon Musk, who pressed the button for large-scale dismissals after the 44 billion dollar purchase, who asked for 8 dollars from users for the “blue tick” and votes for the “Republicans” from undecided voters, increased by 5 million more in 2 weeks. With more than 115 million followers in total, Musk left Justin Bieber behind with this number and took one step closer to Barack Obama.

Elon now is most followers person without buying followers

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On the one hand, Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, drew reactions with the steps he took, such as layoffs, an 8-dollar ‘blue tick’, a call to undecided voters to vote Republican before the US midterm elections, on the other hand, he began to add hundreds of thousands of people to his followers on the social network every day. continues.

Elon Musk, who had 110 million followers on Twitter the day before the official purchase took place on October 28, increased this number to over 115 million as of November 8

At the end of October, after the former US President Barack Obama and the famous singer Justin Bieber, Musk became the 3rd person with the most followers on the social network Twitter, gaining 5 million new followers in a 12-day period. Increasing the total number of followers to over 115 million, Musk thus surpassed Justin Bieber to become the second most followed user on Twitter.

According to current figures, while Obama has 133 million followers and Bieber has 113 million followers; Elon Musk has surpassed 115 million followers, and therefore Justin Bieber, with his attack in the last week.

The difference between Musk and Obama, who announced to the world that she bought the social network, by entering the washbasin and Twitter’s headquarters, with the message “Let it be clear that I own it,” has narrowed down to 18 million.


lthough he has suffered serious losses in his personal wealth since October 27, Elon Musk is still in the first place in the list of the richest people in the world.

According to Bloomberg’s “Billionaires Index”, Musk’s personal wealth, which was $ 212 billion on October 27, has decreased to $ 179 billion as of now. In other words, Tesla and SpaceX boss Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion, has lost $33 billion from his personal fortune in the two-week period since he bought the social network.

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Professional Ways For Social Marketing

Marketing the products on social media can be a huge boost for a business. Are you using a professional way in marketing the product which is really the questions asked by many marketers. The following are few professional ways to improve the marketing process on social media platform.

1. Reach to active groups- The brands that have achieved big on the social media network will know this perfectly. Look for people who are active and have more followers on the social media. Start looking for people from within your company as they will have wider network of people connected to their social profile. Then you can reach to people who are related to your business and assess how they can be useful in promoting your brand.

2. Using Twitter ads- This is the most perfect way of attracting leads to your business in the present day. Twitter ads are capable of generating more leads to your business even if they are small. The ads are able to drive traffic, but make sure that they have valuable information about your brand. Twitter ads can be easily used without spending more money and target the right audience.

3. Balancing your service- Providing a good customer service is the main aim of all the major brands active on the social media platform. But this can be really hard as you must be able to provide a balancing service for all the customers. Look for people who are supporting your business and answer the customer’s queries immediately.

4. Selling on Twitter- Twitter is an important social media network that can provide effective results when used in the right way to sell your product. Instead of just marketing your brand on Twitter, try to reach to your employees including the salespeople to actively promote your product. Start a advocacy program for your employees which will help them in understanding each other to continue the marketing process.

5. Assess your result- Once you have started marketing your product on the social media, try to assess it to understand how you are performing. Social media can offer ROI in the highest level if your result is positive as it can drive more leads along with a revenue to support your business. To check the result, first you need to look at the business objectives and the way you can make them work to attract more leads. After the assessment you will be able to know how to work further in the development of your business. Look for indications that help to move your marketing process ahead and concentrate on them.

6. Free and paid posts- Most of the people like to share free posts than investing money to make it reachable easily to the audience. But free posts can be the best option you need to look for paid posts as they give immediate effect. You can easily reach the relevant audience if you use little amount of money in your marketing strategy.

Best Ways To Attract Leads On Social Media

Generating leads through the social media can be the best option for most of the brands in the present day. There are many brands that are still not aware a proper method to increase their leads on the social media network. Here are few special ways to generate more leads in the right way and also track them effectively. But make sure you have good ROI from the social media channel before assessing the lead generation. Try to concentrate on the social metrics to support your revenue. Social media can be used in a different way to attract leads and not just keeping it for improving your brand awareness.

1. Using filled-out form- Start a social lead generation plan which must feature all the ways to promote your content on the social media channel. One way to do this is creating a tweet that looks really attractive for the audience and it must be able to reach most of the people on the social media. Don’t just create the tweet, but you must also make sure that the users are able to fill the form which can offer direct lead generation. Once the leads are clicked, a short form will pop out.

2. Social ads to reach audience- Use a smart strategy such as using social ads to meet your lead generation target. There are special social media advertising options that can reach beyond your basic engagement which includes lead generation cards from Twitter that has been successful in reaching the specified audience. The lead generation cards are usually seen as the promoted tweets and when someone clicks, they can see the special offer or the sign-up form. It is easy to track the leads and even download them in a spreadsheet from the Twitter ads. Twitter is able to provide a solution for the conversion tracking with few limitations such as lead generation cards will automatically select the user name and email, but the brands will be looking to get more specified leads. Twitter also offers conversion tracking that is expected to support the advertisers to know how the impressions as well as engagements of your promoted tweets work.

3. Using Google analytics- This is one of the best options to optimize your social ads. To do this create lead conversion target in Google Analytics and use the Campaigns URL Builder from Google Analytics to select the promoted links. Make sure to fill the required fields such as campaign name, campaign source and campaign medium. You can also fill out another optional field which will be campaign content that is helpful in optimizing your lead tracking. You will get the tagged URL that will be used in the ad creation to support Google Analytics in tracking the conversions. To assess your content data, select the options Ad Content in Secondary Dimension menu. This will show the ad content that directed more leads and you can also asses cost-per lead with this.

Steps To Assess Social Media Actions

The social media actions are very important as it will help to judge your place on this platform. It is not simple to measure your social media results, but you can do this by following these simple steps. By assessing your social media results, it is possible to align your objectives on this platform. There are many social media users who like to assess their strategies used to promote their brand, but all of them try to use specialized tools to do this work. Some of the strategies can be measured just with the simple process than trying a tool. The assessment can be really simple on the social media network without using any tools if you are following these steps.

1. Pay attention to your assessment- This is a very important process that must be done on the social media platform. Try to give attention to the audience about the suggestions they give based on your product or service. To do this, you must visit Twitter search field and enter the keyword you want to see the result. Now you can view the top tweets related to your business that has your brand name from the followers. Try to filter your tweets and decide whom to follow. You must monitor tweets on regular basis and try to engage with them. The search tool available on Twitter is really powerful that is perfect for local business. Twitter is considered to be the best social media network that offers best customer service. While measuring social media actions look for issues faced by your audience as it will have straight impact on the business.

2. Spot your engagement method- It is an effective strategy of social media network to assess your engagement and you can easily measure response on your Twitter account. Those who want to introduced their product on the social media platform, it is important to create a buzz around it which will help to start an interesting engagement with your audience. Now you will know that the buzz created is the main reason for your engagement with the customers. In the same way, try to look for other methods that can help to start your successful engagement.

3. Use new ideas to measure- This is an important strategy in promoting your product on the social media network. If you are promoting a product that is known to your audience for a long time, instead try to introduce a new product that can attract more audience. Now you can assess your engagement with the new content included in your assessment strategy. To measure social media with this technique you must use a content that is related to your business and promote your business through coupons. Keep your landing page simple where the audience will be able to purchase your product. In case you are starting a campaign to promote your product, the simple landing page will help to assess your campaign results.

Creating A Video For Social Marketing

Videos play an important role in the marketing process on the social media platform. You must know what type of videos is perfect for attracting the audience on the social media channels. By doing this you will be able to use a right strategy in making your videos easily reachable.

1. Video for different social channels- There are a number of social media channels that can be used to promote your video related to the brand. One of such social platform is Twitter where you can use a video to connect with various people. Twitter also allows the users to promote live video through their app without using other sources. This is one of the most important move from Twitter where it was able to attract more users. According to a report more than 82% of Twitter users like to watch video on this social media platform and most of the people view the video content on their mobile device. By just creating a video, it is not possible to attract the viewers you must be able to create an engaging video and make it easily shareable. Make sure that your video doesn’t feature a complete tutorial about your product as it will not keep the audience engaged till the end of your video. You must include details related to your product, but on the same way try to add some things that can make the viewers engaged.

2. Know your video purpose- While creating a video make sure to decide about its purpose. Before starting your video promotion you must try to assess how it will be useful for the viewers. Once you decide the purpose of your video, decide what type of video will be able to attract the audience. Create a way of video style that must make your viewers to understand what your video is all about and they must come back again to your video content. Avoid using different type of style while creating the video as it can confuse your regular audience and always maintain a same kind of video styling to make your audience know it is your video.

3. Investment for video- Most of the people fail to create a good video content because they don’t want to make any investment to create a video. You must first purchase a good quality camera or you can also use the camera in your smartphone as they are also as powerful as the video camera. Then purchase a microphone which must be able to record even the slightest sounds while shooting the video. In case you are shooting your video in a room, try to use bright lights that can make your video look watchable. After recording your video you must edit it using software to make it suitable for uploading it on the social media channel. At last upload the video that has been edited and make sure the length of the video is less.

Using Smartphone To Make Social Media Videos

Most of the businesses like to use videos to promote their product and creating special videos related to your brand can be difficult as well as costly. To avoid creating brand videos by spending more money you can just use your Smartphone as it features most of the tools that can help you to create most attractive social media videos. Here are few things that can help to create Smartphone videos that can social media friendly.

1. Select the social media channel- Before creating the video, make sure to select the best social media source where you want to use the video. Most of the people like to use social platforms such as vine and others to promote videos. In Vine you were able to publish videos of just six seconds automatically to play as well as loop when it is viewed by a person before entering into the Twitter feed. Vine is normally used for posting videos, but all the engagement happens only in Twitter which helps to attract the audience on this social media channel. It is easy to increase the engagement in Twitter with the help of Vine as the short length video is viewed easily by the people. But Vine will be closed by Twitter in this month and the audience can only watch the video as there will be no uploads allowed. Those who want to create a quality video by spending more time as well as money, they can try other social media sources to start their video.

2. Video type- Next select the type of video you want to create which includes normal video, stop motion and time-lapse. The normal video is used in most cases as it more useful for those who want to sell their product without any creative styles. You must personally select the type of video you want to create for promoting the product and make sure to change the style of each video that is created. Stop motion video can be the right choice for those who want to sell living products. This type of video features image collages and full-length movies to offer the product. The video style of this video type usually requires more effort to think and start the project. You must also use individual photos for adding it to the short video. Time-lapse video can be used by the brands that do lot of product placement as it must be entertaining to attract the audience. Most of the time-lapse videos will have camera on changing scene during a large period. The time-lapse video is the best choice for those brands who like to offer their service without affecting the audience viewing experience.

In case you want to create more advanced videos, try to shoot the video from your Smartphone and edit it by using special tools before uploading on the social media channels. There are other tools that can be used to adjust videos more effectively and upload it non various platforms.

Promoting Business With Various Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are most interesting thing available on this social media channel which is capable to get more attention and better results with the ads. These cards can also be used to promote your business on the next in Twitter. But you must the ways to use the Twitter cards more efficiently to make it more successful in reaching to the people on the social media platform.

1. Twitter cards in ads- The Twitter cards also help to include other features in the promoted tweets and reach a particular audience with call-to-action. You can simply promote your business using Twitter ads which is completely different from the normal tweets. If you use twitter cards in the ads, it will become easy for the people to follow your activities. There are different ways you can use the Twitter cards in the ads which includes,

a. Website card- It is a specially designed card that can make the viewer to click and enter into your website. In this you can also include call-to-action button and edit features such as title, description, image and more. The website card can be created along with ad campaign in Twitter and there will be about 70 characters left to add a headline.

b. Lead generation card- This card also makes the viewer to see your website and get direct leads via Twitter. Once the Twitter user’s clicks the button ‘Sign Up’ all the information related to their account will be available while creating the ad campaign in Twitter for leads, you can also create lead generation card.

c. App card- You can use this card to publish an app using Twitter ads and it is available in three different options such as basic app card, video app card and image app card. You can use basic app card to get the details about other app that you want to promote it on the social media platform. Try to use video app card to share a custom video than using an image. With image app cards you can include a custom image in the card and share the details.

2. Twitter cards in website- By including the Twitter cards in your website you can make your tweets in the website to highlight in news feed and get a complete detail about the engagement received from tweets using the Twitter cards in your website. Just like Twitter cards for ads, there are also different types available for websites such as,

a. Summary card- This card will feature large image that can easily get more attention from the people and it is complete different from the normal text or link tweet.

b. Player card- It allows the users to play a video directly from the website in Twitter, but the major drawback for this card is you must get approval for using it in the website from Twitter. There are number of rules specified by Twitter for using this card in your website.

Start Your Quiz To Attract More Leads

Quizzes on the social media can help to get leads for your brand and it can also help to link up with your view. You can also use quiz to reach your audience and create email list to get the feedback. You must also select a perfect topic for your quiz and to attract a particular group of people on the social channels. While starting your quiz never select the topic that is complicated as it will keep the viewers away from it. To start quiz on the social media platform to increase your leads, try to follow these simple methods. Quizzes have been one of the most popular way of attracting more leads on the social media.

1. Set up your objective- Make sure to decide about your goal before starting the quiz on social media. Try to decide about things you want to achieve after starting the quiz and what the participants must do. You must first create an email list and launch your brand to increase the traffic for your profile. Never have more than two objectives while starting the social media quiz as it will not be as successful as your main target.

2. Target the audience requirements- Make a note of all the important needs of your audience before targeting them. Now decide how you brand will be able to support your audience needs. So try to begin a quiz with questions that can easily attract the social media audience and make them share their preferences. You will be able to create an expectation among your audience by doing this and get engaged with them in a clear mind.

3. Begin your quiz- There are lot of options available to begin the quiz for your audience which includes ShortStack and more. These tools will help you to link up to your service provider and collect new email to increase your audience. Try to create the most active and entertaining quiz that must be related your brand. If you are able to attract the audience through your quiz, they will easily reach your profile on the social media. Try to maintain the question and answers in your quiz as short as possible that will make it more fun as well as engaging for your audience.

4. Publish your quiz- Once you have started the quiz, it is important to make it spread all over the social media networks. Try to publish the quiz on all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even other sources like websites, blogs.

5. Assess your quiz results- This is a very important process which involves the assessment of your social media quiz. Try to assess the lead conversion percentage and completion rate to know more about the success about your quiz. The quiz results will tell the insights related to your brand on the social media platform. Never publish the quiz results immediately, instead make them sign up to email list.

Increasing Social Content Reach With Peer Network

Are you a regular Twitter user and failing to make your content reach out to many people, there are ways to improve the content reach that is shared on the various social media channels. You can develop a simple peer network that would increase the number of followers and even customers for your business. Most of the social media channels use their brand content and other similar contents related to their brand to be more effective. Try to involve more people in your network which will keep your content original and even third-party content can also become a center of attraction for your social media channels. The following steps can be used to create a network program and get more contents to share.

1. Sharing content properly- Before sharing the content on the social media platform like Twitter make sure to decide what type of content you are going to share with how your audience are related to the shared content. Always promote the particular product of your company that is discussed more by the people. You must share the content with your audience that is capable of attracting more people to your Twitter account. The content shared in your network must feature original as well as other similar contents to get them engaged within the brand discussions. Try to be consistent while sharing the content to get more engagement from the users on the social media platform.

2. Sharing with social advocates- To do this first you must share the content only in your brands channel. Next email the links of the shared post in your advocate network and don’t forget to mention them to share your content to reach to the audience. Another way to share is with the help of automated service which can deliver your email automatically to the advocates.

3. Add more people to your team- Once you have shared the content with the internal team, it is time to share the same with other important people. The invited people will look for third-party content which is similar to your content and make your team members responsible for sharing the links during the day. A simple submission process for your links can be more helpful for your team finds and they can email the links for review.

4. Measure your network- Try to look for more advocates who can become part of your network. Look for products in your company that can be used for sharing it on the social media platform. If you are increasing your network with more advocates it is possible to make your content easily reachable to everyone very easily. Look for things in your company that can be shared such as other departments that can be shared and look for brand influencers who can become a part of the advocate network. You can also look for reliable followers of your Twitter account or other social media channels who share the content regularly.

Using Social Media To Increase Search Rank

Social media is easily connected with search engine optimization as it helps you to improve the website search rank. Most of them feel that social media is completely different from SEO, but it can help the brands in a larger way. Social media can be used as the most powerful tool which is not recognized by the brands. Even though some of the brands prefer promoting their products through social media, most of them ignore it. Social media is known to affect any business and it will indirectly affect the website rankings.

1. Word count- The word count depends on various social platform and how it works to increase the website page rank. It is always important to use a very less content on the social media platform. In places like Twitter, you were only allowed to use just 140 characters, but it is important that you use only 100 words to get better response for your post. Instead of using more words in a single post, try to create more posts related to the same topic with less words.

2. Interacting with your audience online- Discuss your audience to make them know what to do with the content posted on the social media. Look for most clickable content on the social media and include a call-to-action on all those word. The most commonly used words include retweet, follow, like and more. Try to be very clear while making your audience to react to your content.

3. Create a purpose to click- It is not possible to make your audience look through the content posted by you, but you must provide a reason to make them click through the content. The content that is shared in the social media platform must solve problems faced by the people. You must be able to support the people online with the questions raised by them. Try to provide a better solution for the problem by faced by the people and they will be ready to click your website link.

4. Optimize your profiles- This is very important as the first thing people will see is your profile. So try to optimize it using SEO keywords. Use the keywords in your title which must also contain the relevant images related to your post. The optimized keywords in your profile will help the people to see your brand also.

5. Optimize your keywords- Most of the follower will use the hashtag to look for your profile and in the same way you must use relevant content that will help them to enter into your website. Select the keywords in the posts to improve your website rank in the social search media results. You must also create a special social media content that will be able to attract the audience and also highlight the important keywords that would help them to enter into your website. Also create social media content with backlinks that would help others to use it as a reference.