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Start Your Quiz To Attract More Leads

Quizzes on the social media can help to get leads for your brand and it can also help to link up with your view. You can also use quiz to reach your audience and create email list to get the feedback. You must also select a perfect topic for your quiz and to attract a particular group of people on the social channels. While starting your quiz never select the topic that is complicated as it will keep the viewers away from it. To start quiz on the social media platform to increase your leads, try to follow these simple methods. Quizzes have been one of the most popular way of attracting more leads on the social media.

1. Set up your objective- Make sure to decide about your goal before starting the quiz on social media. Try to decide about things you want to achieve after starting the quiz and what the participants must do. You must first create an email list and launch your brand to increase the traffic for your profile. Never have more than two objectives while starting the social media quiz as it will not be as successful as your main target.

2. Target the audience requirements- Make a note of all the important needs of your audience before targeting them. Now decide how you brand will be able to support your audience needs. So try to begin a quiz with questions that can easily attract the social media audience and make them share their preferences. You will be able to create an expectation among your audience by doing this and get engaged with them in a clear mind.

3. Begin your quiz- There are lot of options available to begin the quiz for your audience which includes ShortStack and more. These tools will help you to link up to your service provider and collect new email to increase your audience. Try to create the most active and entertaining quiz that must be related your brand. If you are able to attract the audience through your quiz, they will easily reach your profile on the social media. Try to maintain the question and answers in your quiz as short as possible that will make it more fun as well as engaging for your audience.

4. Publish your quiz- Once you have started the quiz, it is important to make it spread all over the social media networks. Try to publish the quiz on all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and even other sources like websites, blogs.

5. Assess your quiz results- This is a very important process which involves the assessment of your social media quiz. Try to assess the lead conversion percentage and completion rate to know more about the success about your quiz. The quiz results will tell the insights related to your brand on the social media platform. Never publish the quiz results immediately, instead make them sign up to email list.