Twitter Marketing: Different CPA Verticals To Count On

Now that you know what the hell CPA marketing is all about for the ones we did buy Twitter followers, I think it is about time to know more about the different verticals of CPA marketing once and for all. Are you now ready to know what are the verticals of CPA and Twitter marketers once and for all? Here are the list of some verticals that have been converting very well for us as Twitter marketers:

1. Email and Zip Offers

For me, I think this was indeed one of the best performing verticals that I have ever experimented. I have made a lot of money using the different email and zip offers that I have for my own followers.

2. Dating

This one is also converting like crazy, no matter if it’s free or paid traffic. But I would really think that as a Twitter marketer, the dating offers are indeed going crazy at all.

3. Mobile Offers

This vertical was also one of the hottest, and I strongly believe that there are many people who are browsing their mobile phones with the internet in order to check out something.

4. Scholarship Offers

This vertical was also on demand, and I would really think that a lot of students from various universities are already looking for some free scholarships.

5. Surveys

This is pretty common for all of us, as this vertical was so hot like no other. I would really think that in order for them to get the desired item, they need to complete a survey.

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