Twitter Marketing: The Different Methods of CPA

Hello guys and gals who buy Twitter followers! In the last article that I have shared to all of you, it was all about the different verticals of CPA marketing. Would you like me to do a little recap once and for all? For me, I think I have no God damn problem to do some little mind refreshing for you. The different verticals that I did talk about for Twitter marketers like you are no other than email and zip submits, dating offers, mobile offers, scholarship programs and surveys. But this time, I am going to talk about the methods of CPA marketing that was being used at most.

1. SEO

This is the real “bible” method of CPA marketing. Nobody can beat the power of SEO, and it was proven enough to be powerful and good to all Twitter marketers like you do. I am just talking about the real thing here.

2. Social Media

If you are sick and tired of optimizing your own landing pages for various CPA offers, I think it is time for you to do it using social media. Not only you can rely on SEO, but also try to make it go viral with any social media platform.


Last, but not the least, is what we call pay per click and pay per view. They are not free, but totally paid traffic. Although they are not going to give you some long term traffic, but you may be getting quicker results than you ever could.


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