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Using Tailored Audiences In Twitter For Business

Tailored audiences in Twitter are the best way to target people who have been part of previous engagement along with a website. By doing this you will be able to make the marketing process simple by reaching a particular Twitter users using the ads in Twitter. The tailored audiences will help to make the Twitter ads to get noticed by the people very easily who are interested in your product. To make use of the tailored audiences in full swing you must have Twitter Ads account and Ad Partner account. Ad partners will help to collect data of the audience related to your product and it can be used to promote to the customers. After selecting the ad partner you must create Twitter Ads account which is very simple to do.

In the first option, you will see promoted accounts which can be used to achieve lot of Twitter followers and it is also a part of who to follow widget in Twitter that can increase the number of followers through suggestions that are made to target particular audience. To create tailored audiences ad, first you must select the option Create New Campaign, then select New Promoted Account Campaign option and type campaign name as well as campaign timeframe. Now you can select tailored audiences to be your main part of targeting. Next you must select geographic location and create content in your tweet in such a way that it must make your audience to follow you. Finally save your campaign after mentioning the campaign budget.

In the second option, you can use the promoted tweets for reaching relevant tweets related to your targeted audience. The promoted tweets will be displayed on many places such as top of your search result pages, Twitter desktop, search results of the promoted trends and Twitter feed of the users and more. To set up promoted tweets for tailored audiences ad, first go to Twitter Ads account and then select Create New Campaign. Next select New Promoted Tweets Campaign option and enter campaign name, timeframe and tailored audiences. You must also select the targeted audience list from Twitter ad partner. Now select the location and option to add tweets for promotion which is manual or automatic.

There are three options to use the Promoted Account such as change the current customers as Twitter followers, connect with your dedicated brand supporters and target only a particular part of customers. To use the promoted tweet, there are three options to be followed such as follow up with your customer interests, targeting the customers who have not been regular to your website and get connected with the potential customers. Tailored audiences in Twitter can be mainly used to look for the customers at individual level that can help in developing your business. The marketers will be able to focus the marketing campaigns with the help of data that is normally received in your website and Twitter Ad Partner account.

Tools To Automate Tweets In Twitter

Most of the people use Twitter for various purpose and if you are really planning to get more leads and followers in Twitter the account must stay active. To maintain the Twitter account active, it is important to tweet on regular basis. But tweeting can take lot of time which can problem for most of them. It is possible to automate the tweets which can help in sharing the content without wasting your time. By automating tweets you will be able to schedule the post as per your desire mainly when your engagement as well as potential reach is more. You can also use some of the tools that are available to make your tweets automatically published. Whichever tool you are planning to use make sure to select the time zone of your place to make use of this tool more effectively. Here is a way to schedule your tweets when the followers are engaged.

1. Using Tweriod to send tweets- First it is important to know the followers activity which can help in get the details when the audience are active most of the time in Twitter. This step is very important and it must be done before scheduling your content in Twitter which can help in increasing your engagement. Tweriod is one of the tool that is very easy to use for scheduling purpose and you will be able to see intervals about the followers presence in Twitter. To use Tweriod, first sign up using the Twitter account and enter into the dashboard. Then select My Analysis to see free premium analysis. Now you will be able to see the time period when the Twitter is busy with audience. The dashboard also displays the details about your followers when they are online.

2. Using Buffer to create posting schedule- Buffer is a simple tool that can save more time when you are active in the Twitter account. Use your Twitter account to sign in into the Buffer tool and go to Schedule menu. You can set up your posting schedule depending upon your choice when the followers are active. It is possible to know the best time when the tweets can be made during the day with this tool. The tool analyses your previous interactions to show the result about your particular posting time.

3. Using IFTTT- The IFTTT helps you to schedule contents on various social media platforms. You can also use IFTTT to connect with both Buffer and Twitter account. To use this tool, visit IFTTT website and create an account which is available for free. Log in into IFTTT and select My Recipes to create your own recipe. Try to choose Twitter as trigger channel in the next option and New Tweet as trigger. Now choose Buffer as action channel and select Connect to activate the IFTTT to control Buffer account. Finally select Add to Buffer and click on Create Action to enter the title for creating the recipe.

Preparing For Your Twitter Audit

Twitter audit is one of the best ways to see how your marketing strategy succeeds. You must know what type of content would be useful in making your twitter more successful. There are ways that can help to perform your twitter audit. The importance of twitter audit is to know the data you have been using and what type of posting can improve your business strategies. Here are few points that can help while performing the twitter audit

1. Preparing twitter data- It is important to collect the data that is unique for updating in twitter and the data can be prepared by yourself can be the perfect choice. Most of the people in the present market like to see new data and it has become very much popular. The first thing that must be done in a twitter audit is collecting your data to prepare for the audit process. To do this, first log in to your twitter account, then select “Tweets” tab and choose date range before exporting the data in CSV format.

2. Select key performance statistics- Before starting the analyzing process of your data, you must know what is best for your brand. Go through your tweets, favorites, replies, engagement, click and even reach to know your major performance statistics.

3. Go through your exported data- Try to look into the data step by step to visualize the best data. You can create pivot tables with the help of Google Sheets and even using Microsoft Excel whichever is better for you. First access the Google Sheets and open the data that is in CSV format and highlight the column to prepare the pivot table. Do the same with the Microsoft Excel and select the right brand from the table.

4. Important questions- After preparing the pivotal tables go through the questions that come on your mind like which one has performed good so the information can be sued again on your tweets. Decide about what kind of posts must be used in future tweets and sort the table where the main posts are left on top. Also make sure what type of tweets can attract most number of audiences. Look for the present trends by using your major tweets that performed well among the audience. You will also be able to know the days where the tweets are effectively noticed by the people.

5. Using Sprout Social effectively- Those who have the Sprout Social account will be able to see social media reports and learn more about Twitter performance. You can also look into reports such as demographic reports, engagement reports, hashtag reports during the Twitter audit process.

One of the most important things in conducting a perfect Twitter audit is by going through your competition page. This will help in knowing your competitors thoughts in using the twitter for better business. Continue to go through your data on regular basis as it can help in knowing more about improving your skills in using the twitter in the right way.