Using Social Media To Increase Search Rank

Social media is easily connected with search engine optimization as it helps you to improve the website search rank. Most of them feel that social media is completely different from SEO, but it can help the brands in a larger way. Social media can be used as the most powerful tool which is not recognized by the brands. Even though some of the brands prefer promoting their products through social media, most of them ignore it. Social media is known to affect any business and it will indirectly affect the website rankings.

1. Word count- The word count depends on various social platform and how it works to increase the website page rank. It is always important to use a very less content on the social media platform. In places like Twitter, you were only allowed to use just 140 characters, but it is important that you use only 100 words to get better response for your post. Instead of using more words in a single post, try to create more posts related to the same topic with less words.

2. Interacting with your audience online- Discuss your audience to make them know what to do with the content posted on the social media. Look for most clickable content on the social media and include a call-to-action on all those word. The most commonly used words include retweet, follow, like and more. Try to be very clear while making your audience to react to your content.

3. Create a purpose to click- It is not possible to make your audience look through the content posted by you, but you must provide a reason to make them click through the content. The content that is shared in the social media platform must solve problems faced by the people. You must be able to support the people online with the questions raised by them. Try to provide a better solution for the problem by faced by the people and they will be ready to click your website link.

4. Optimize your profiles- This is very important as the first thing people will see is your profile. So try to optimize it using SEO keywords. Use the keywords in your title which must also contain the relevant images related to your post. The optimized keywords in your profile will help the people to see your brand also.

5. Optimize your keywords- Most of the follower will use the hashtag to look for your profile and in the same way you must use relevant content that will help them to enter into your website. Select the keywords in the posts to improve your website rank in the social search media results. You must also create a special social media content that will be able to attract the audience and also highlight the important keywords that would help them to enter into your website. Also create social media content with backlinks that would help others to use it as a reference.

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